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A fine day. Blue skies – gentle swell. Last night we had clear skies with a great view of the milky way, Centaurus and Scorpio. Also the fireflies are back.

A lazy morning with a survey dive at 15m off Typhoon Beach. The camera didn't handle that too well with a noticeable concavity to the back panel. Hard corals mainly – Montipora, Echinopora and Pectinia. There was one I do need to look up – a beautiful one like crisps or fried curly Kale, which is on the tip of my tongue - I miss “Corals of the World”. Spotted a crown of thorns during the safety stop. (turned out to be Pavona Cactus)

Today's lecture was on climate change by Hermes. With the increased incidence of super typhoons this place can rapidly turn from a gentle paradise to a screaming hell of high winds and spray. Typhoon Haiyan was unfortunately just a harbinger of what's to come later this century. The Filipino government has some powerful lobbyists for the coal fired power industry at work however.

The early afternoon was spent putting the finishing touches to tomorrow evenings presentation. About that time, Kalayo (our resident meditation leader) returned with an artist (Gringo) and a couple of musicians in tow. For now, however, we have Jack Johnson and copious supplies of San Miguel to provide the ambience.

The kids made terracotta figures and danced to Kalayo's drums.

I had a very pleasant walk back along turtle beach. I've been to Danjugan so many times that even when I'm alone here, it feels like there's a friend close by. The noises of the cicadas, bats and birds are very immersive.

Early evening before dinner, Rhoda gave a cooking class – showing us all how to cook Adobong Kangkong and Pork Adobo to an attentive audience. There's scope for a full on filipino cookery school here. I'm lucky to be married to that talent. Tonight's lecture is Bats or 'Kabog' in Ilonggo – the local dialect. In bisaya, the word for Bat is Kulaknit.

We expect Gerry here tomorrow. The bottle of Johnny Walker Platinum is waiting.

Yoga tomorrow at 06:00

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Friday 14 August 2015 at 11:29 am

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