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Parker House Rolls

This is an enriched dough. The rolls are light and fluffy and slightly sweet. They are best eaten warm.


  • 600g flour
  • 6g yeast
  • 10g salt
  • 2 eggs (about 140g)
  • 40g Sugar
  • 60g unsalted butter
  • 250g milk

Melt butter in pan, add milk and sugar and warm to just above body temperature. Stir to mix butter and dissolve sugar. Add 2 eggs and mix thoroughly. Put to one side to cool to tepid.

Mix flour yeast and salt in a large bowl. Mix in butter/milk mix to make a very sticky and yellow dough. Knead for 10 minutes until it starts to ball, but stays damp. Ball up and oil surface. Put in warm oiled bowl inside plastic bag on top of X543. As it was a bit cold today I found I needed to print a test page to boost the heat a bit.

Rise until doubled in size. Turn out and roll out to knock back. Make a rectangle with the dough rolled out to about 5-6mm thick. Cut out rectangles about about 6x12cm. Brush 2/3 of the top of a rectangle with melted butter, and fold over itself leaving the unbuttered but upmost.

When you've got 10 or so rectangles turn them upside down and overlap, to make the shape shown in the picture.

Parker house roll diagram

Overlap them onto each other so the folded part of one sits on the tail of the next, and you have a line of 10 or so. Leave to prove for 30-40 mins and preheat oven to 230. Before baking, coat the top liberally in melted butter.

Pop them in with plenty of steam, reducing temperature to 170 after about 7-8 minutes depending on how quickly they're browning. Bake for a total of 15-20 mins, turning to keep them browning symmetrically.

Put on a rack to cool and serve warm.


parker house roll

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