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Adventure Begins!

(Due to problems with comms and the storm, these are somewhat delayed in being posted).

Here we are, all on Danjugan Island – the adventure has begun. As I write this, there’s a gentle breeze coming off the sea, and we’re helping ourselves to a buffet of Filipino spaghetti, and fish and calamansi and rice

Today was taken up with an orientation lecture about corals with videos and songs for the children, and ID and classification for the adults given by Roxie, followed by a detailed and fascinating session on marine mammals given by Ari from, a Filipino NGO tracking marine mammals.

Apparently whales and dolphins sleep half their brain at a time.

They’ve also seen a Blue Whale in the Visayas recently! A lovely dive after lunch near Manta Island with plenty of fish of all types and sizes; Grey Snappers, Parrot Fish, Butterfly fishes, Wrasses in abundance, and an eyecatching shoal of Emperors that seemed to follow us around (or perhaps it was multiple shoals). The reefs looked good, with close to 100% coral cover, and lots of diversity. I tried to remember some of the species, and athough the brain delivered on some, for most sadly, the names didn’t come. Research needed!

Rick saw a catalog of wonderful things, mantis shrimps, eagle rays, nudibranchs, red-toothed trigger fish. And that was just while waiting for the rest of the party to get in the water. Meanwhile the kids had a Kalayo dance session. The tom toms never seem far away. There is a lot of music here.

A word on the accommodation. Unrecognisably wonderful to old ex-CCC volunteers like myself, used to sleeping on split bamboo with bucket showers. Very family friendly. The pictures hardly do it justice – Kaila and co have done some amazing work here and there is now a sense of art and style to typhoon beach drawing on traditional Filipino architectural themes. We’re having trouble describing it – it’s not a resort – you remain aware that this is a working sanctuary, with a ecological purpose, however there is now a minimum of creature comforts – proper beds, wonderful food and a bar. It’s back to nature without the hair shirts. You don’t need hot water or air con, and this place shows you how it can be done as a delight, not a trial.

There is still no mobile signal at typhoon beach, which is wonderful. Tomorrow is our first Yoga session, and my updated talk on Astronomy.

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Saturday 08 August 2015 at 08:23 am

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