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Surveys Starting

Today was a bit of an extreme in both directions. I managed to slip and fall down some concrete steps. Even following the rule of “one hand for the ship” on the hand rail I still had a nasty knock. Still - things improved from there. The kids did a nature walk

We practised survey techniques with a dry run through on land first, then went to do a trial run off the back of 3rd lagoon. After some confusion as to which buoy to head for we were ready to start, when I realised that my notebook had been washed out of my pocket. We were able to complete the trial run with a spare slate however.

 In the afternoon we surveyed for real – with a dive inside the special management area to assess the following things;

  1. Fish species present on a belt transect
  2. Invertebrates
  3. Substrate types.

 All went swimmingly well. I took a few underwater photos of some pretty colonial ascidians and of Valerie mucking about in some yoga poses underwater. The water was a pleasant 28 degrees at 7-8m.

 Still power rationing a bit due to the overcast day. Tomorrow we expect to see sunshine again. Data Entry Time! Rapidly followed by Beer Time!

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Monday 10 August 2015 at 09:10 am

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