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A Down Day - High winds, High Seas, High Spirits.

The storm really blew through last night. Horizontal rain and high winds. It's not called Typhoon Beach for nothing. This morning was a different side of Danjugan Island. Yoga class was moved from the front cabana to the old kitchen cabana due to flooding. Unfortunately halfway through the rain started again, and those of us at the back started getting 'a little' damp. None the less with stiff upper lips (as well as necks and lower backs) we battled through to the end.


 The wind and squalls continued through breakfast. In a fit of helpfulness to try and improve the shelter in the main cabana, I suggested we put up some Banig matting. The excellent staff did this, then decided that a proper rain break across the main entrance would be the best thing. We struggled together with the wind and rain and the tarp before the fishermen turned up from 3rd lagoon, took one look at our efforts and banished us all to the kitchen. They then quickly and promptly erected a tarpaulin and bamboo structure that put our efforts to shame.

 We made the call to not do any diving due to the weather. The typhoon is moving away so we're expecting the weather to calm down and the seas to subside somewhat, so we can start surveys tomorrow. There are always days like this on any Dive trip, when its best to take it easy and have a slow day rather than chance bad conditions. The consolation is as always that the vis would be bad.

 Instead Dave Albao the Island Manager and I learnt all about the solar power system on typhoon beach, which was playing up a little. I've always been interested in these things and its nice to see how advanced these systems have become in the last few years. Yay for the commoditization of Solar Power.

 There's something very peaceful about standing in the rain in the jungle near bamboo bridge waiting for an SMS message to come back from the Solar Power installer.

 The kids didn't seem to mind the weather at all – today was oli's seventh birthday so there was a cake and a party. The rest of the day was taken up with the important tasks of playing with coconuts and running around a lot.

 The evening's entertainment for the kids (and at least 2-3 adults) was a peppa pig-a-thon in the main cabana.

 Looking forward to the first survey tomorrow.

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Saturday 08 August 2015 at 08:49 am

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